Dental Bridges in Langley, Slough

Dental Bridges

A Bridge is a replacement of a missing tooth or teeth. A fixed bridge is cemented in place, whereas a removable bridge can be taken out for cleaning. A bridge can be retained by adjacent teeth or implants. Dental bridges are essentially false teeth, which are anchored onto neighboring teeth in order to replace one or more missing teeth.

The false tooth (known as the pontic) is usually fused between two crowns that serve as the anchors and therefore bridging the teeth together. There are different types of bridges available; the type of bridge used would depend on the case.

Why have a bridge?
There are many advantages to having a dental bridge. They include:

  • Bridges are natural in appearance.
  • You generally only require two appointments with you dentist to have a bridge.
  • Bridges have a good life span, usually lasting for approx. 10 -15 years providing you practice good oral health techniques.
  • Bridges will improve your bite, and reduce stress on teeth either side of the missing tooth gap.
  • Bridges may correct any interference with your speech that the missing tooth is causing.
  • Your overall appearance will be improved by diminishing gaps in your teeth.

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