Children's Dentist in Langley, Slough

Children's Dentist in Langley

Here at Langley Road dental practice team are highly skilled in identifying early signs of decay and gum disease in children. We focus on helping nervous children conquer issues at an early age and we are often rewarded with a worry-free patient for life.

We usually advise check-ups every six months, at which time we are able to spot any signs of decay or gum disease. Successful reduction in dental disease in our child patients has sure benefits as your child becomes a young adult. The reason for our success is a preventative approach to your child’s dental care through dietary and tooth cleaning guidance.

We know that some children find a visit to the dentist a little scary and can feel very anxious when receiving treatment. Bringing your child to visit us from an early age can help reduce their anxiety. It helps them to become familiar with the surgery and build a relationship of trust with our team.

We are a family-friendly dental practice and pride ourselves on our ability to make a visit to the dentist fun and relaxing for your child. We take the time to make sure your child is completely comfortable and at ease during their consultation.

Early visits to the dentist will help ensure the long-term health of your child’s teeth. They may benefit from paint-on fissure sealants, fluoride varnishes or other types of protective and preventative treatment. We will be happy to advise on whether these would be beneficial for your child at their appointment.

As your child grows older, they may need help to perfect their smile due to over-crowded or protruding teeth. We are happy to carry out any orthodontic work necessary to correct these problems, or if necessary, refer you on to another specialist.

Here at Langley Road Dental Care, we can offer you and your family:

A full range of general dentistry services and routine procedures, combined with outstanding patient care. Our general, cosmetic, and restorative services are designed to help children and adults of all ages achieve and maintain perfect teeth to keep you and your family smiling with confidence.

Our friendly and fully qualified dental team provide excellent dental care in a relaxed family atmosphere and our general patients are invited to attend regular consultations, so you can receive the best level of general dentistry and hygiene care available in Berkshire.

We believe in affordable specialty dental care for all.

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