Tooth Extraction in Langley, Slough

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves the complete removal of an infected, damaged or otherwise problematic tooth from the mouth.

When a tooth has become so damaged that a filling, cap or crown will not suffice, you may require complete removal of the tooth (a tooth extraction). There are several reasons why a patient may require extraction, common reasons include:

  • Infection or decay in one or more teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Damaged teeth after trauma

Other reasons for extraction may include:

  • You may have extra teeth that are causing overcrowding issues which is resulting in sore gums and/or difficulty eating.
  • Baby teeth that have not fallen out in time for the new adult teeth
  • Extraction to make way for the placement of braces
  • Certain medication may result in infected teeth (and therefore removal)
  • Certain medication that suppresses or impacts the immune system may cause teeth to become infected
  • Wisdom teeth that cause pain, have become infected or have developed a cyst will need to be removed to stop the infection spreading.

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